Teuvo Orjala, San Diego CA

Inspirational Quote:

130:6.4 ” This day, my son, you are to be reborn, re-established as a man of faith, courage, and devoted service to man, for God’s sake. And when you become so readjusted to life within yourself, you become likewise readjusted to the universe; you have been born again—born of the spirit—and henceforth will your whole life become one of victorious accomplishment. Trouble will invigorate you; disappointment will spur you on; difficulties will challenge you; and obstacles will stimulate you. Arise, young man! Say farewell to the life of cringing fear and fleeing cowardice. Hasten back to duty and live your life in the flesh as a son of God, a mortal dedicated to the ennobling service of man on earth and destined to the superb and eternal service of God in eternity.

Personal Message:

The Urantia Book has changed the daily lives of many of us. Though we live in the world we do, we know in our hearts we have this beacon of light. Whenever we hunger to find solid ground we read the captivating words of the UB.  Being a second generation Urantia Book reader I was raised by parents who had already found this books infinite wealth of truth beauty and goodness. Personally I did not start reading until I was about 19. Now that I am an adult I have found a place for the Urantia Book in my career, and plan to do whatever I can to motivate the family of our planet to reach for higher truths.


  • Diane Labrecque

    Thank you so much Teuvo for having helped to start this project with me. Now UB readers can get to know the UB Reader of the Day on a daily basis as I had envisioned it.

    I truly appreciate having had your help Teuvo and wish you the best of success with your project of UrantiaNow!

    Sincerely, Diane