Thomas Orjala – Coeurd’ Alene, ID

Inspirational Quote:

102:11 There must be perfection hunger in man’s heart to insure capacity for comprehending the faith paths to supreme attainment.

Personal Message:

There are many great quotes in the Urantia Book but this one impacted me when I first read it. Knowing that perfection hunger was required for spiritual capacity and growth, prayer finally made sense to me. In my prayer life I would communicate my deepest desires for growing God-ward and I soon saw, from experience, my capacity would increase proportionally to the sincerity of my petition.
A spiritual teacher I followed in the late 60’s named Stephen Gaskin said once that “energy, put through a system, tends to change and order that system and make it better”. While I have utilized this teaching in my organizational activities, I can see the deeper spiritual lesson as well.  When I put energy through the systems that the creators have provided for our use like prayer, worship, love of others, and being of service, everything gets better….and better…

  • larry black

    It seems very confusing but makes since in a way.

  • Vaughn Fosmo

    Hi Tom. Great message. Steven was great didn’t know we shared that connection. I’d visited 3 times back in the 70s hitch hiking. A great speaker.

  • Beautiful… Big Fan of Stevens…This Seasons People Book is great! Check out my website sometime…trying to get Urantia daily quotes on there…Peace Be with you and yours