Saverio Donato – Somerset, New Jersey

Inspirational Quote:

P 555- “Law is life itself and not the rules of its conduct. Evil is a transgression of the law, not a violation of the rules of conduct pertaining to life, which IS the law.”

Personal Message:

For 46 years I have studied that quote but there seems to be something about it which prevents my full understanding. On the next page, P-556, there are a list of illustrations which are human philosophical ideas. These correspond to a concept of mota which the archangel who wrote this paper was not permitted to report.

After long study, and some progress in understanding the “Law is life” bit, I often wonder if the archangel didn’t hide a mota concept in the, “law”.

My guess is that our physical brain simply cannot grasp the fullness of mota content. Fortunately God has offered us eternity to achieve understanding.

  • Paula Thompson

    Hi Sam, I love this quote too and find it intriguing. Here is what I’ve decided about the phrase, “Law is life.” Whatever gives life, upholds life, honors life, sustains life, enriches life and protects life IS the LAW. :-)

  • sam donato

    Paula- How about; Law is the will of God. He desires to escape the existential “shackles of absolutism” by LIVING with each of us thereby achieving growth and becoming experiential, actually living