Robert Vazquez – Baldwin Park, California

Inspirational Quote:

Only Love

Only love, brotherhood, can prevent the strong from oppressing the weak.

The Urantia Book,
Page 805 (71:4.5)

Personal Message:

I believe love is the only answer to the problems in today’s world. This should be the official quote of the Occupy movement, just suggesting. I love God and the Urantia Book because it has brought me closer to God and has gaven me the strength and wisdom to be a better person in this world. Ive been reading the UB for 5 years. It’s so awesome to see and know who’se a part of the family. Much love to all my brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of our Universal Father. Blessings!! =)

  • Eric Lehman

    Robert so glad to read your personal share. What a joy to know that Love rules you like it can all of us. This world needs young folks like yourself to spread the Joy Of Life. To bravely go forward proclaiming YOU ARE LOVED… thanks Robert so glad to know you are out there.