Paula Thompson – Colorado

Inspirational Quote:

“The religions of authority can only divide men and set them in conscientious array against each other; the religion of the spirit will progressively draw men together and cause them to become understandingly sympathetic with one another. The religions of authority require of men uniformity in belief, but this is impossible of realization in the present state of the world. The religion of the spirit requires only unity of experience–uniformity of destiny–making full allowance for diversity of belief. The religion of the spirit requires only uniformity of insight, not uniformity of viewpoint and outlook. The religion of the spirit does not demand uniformity of intellectual views, only unity of spirit feeling. The religions of authority crystallize into lifeless creeds; the religion of the spirit grows into the increasing joy and liberty of ennobling deeds of loving service and merciful ministration.”

Jesus, The Urantia Book (155:6.9)

Personal Message:

In 1991 I very nearly died. I had Ovarian Cancer and three major abdominal operations in 15 months. At that time I had been reading the Urantia Book for 15 years. I thought I was doing my utmost to serve God, but I wasn’t. I had my own agenda and only the realizatin of my own mortality got me to give that up.

When the tumor came back I prayed to Jesus to let me stay on this challenging world and serve him. I told him, “Master, I know there are beings all over this universe who would love to have the chance I’ve been given, to share this magnificent revelation with your children on this world.”  I told him I would stay 10,000 years if he needed me to. He came to me and healed me, completely.

Since then, I’ve worked for him. I’ve done my utmost to serve the purpose of creating “unity without uniformity” by holding up His religion, the “religion of the spirit.” The places he has taken me, since I surrendered my agenda to him, are places I never dreamed I would go. The beautiful Chinese daughter he gave me to cherish is a perfect example of this.

I have found that creating unity without uniformity is a concept that is deceptively tricky to us humans. We tend to think that one size should fit all. We also tend to think that things will be magically set right if we can only ALL agree on how things should be done, but Jesus, in his Second Discourse on Religion, plainly states that this is not possible.

The last thing the world needs is another religion of authority created around the Fifth Epochal Revelation. We need to embrace and tolerate our diversity and at the same time, love each other as members of the same family. No easy thing, to be sure, but it’s what we who believe are called to do. This is the vision that I hold.

Every blessing….Paula

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    also – PERSONAL

    Dearest Paula – Just spent quite a bit of time filling out a preliminary application form on line for our new outreach program.
    I clicked on the SEND prompt but did not get routine confirmation that it did actually go out.

    Trust you are flourishing.
    We are blessed and doing great!

  • Diane Labrecque

    Dearest Paula,

    Thank you so much for being part of this project within our beautiful Urantia Family for creating Urantia Family Ties between all of us worldwide.

    God willing, our Urantia Family ties will grow and help us connect together on a daily basis in a very simple and intimate way.

    Thank you for all your immense contribution to our Fifth Epochal Revelation Paula. We all love you so much!

    Diane xoxoxo

  • Paula Thompson

    Thank you my dear, for your amazing courage and vision. I love you, so, so much!