Pato Banton – Planet Urantia

Inspirational Quote:

The kingdom of heaven consists in these three essentials: first, recognition of the fact of the sovereignty of God; second, belief in the truth of sonship with God; and third, faith in the effectiveness of the supreme human desire to do the will of God—to be like God. And this is the good news of the gospel: that by faith every mortal may have all these essentials of salvation. ”

Story Message:

There is a new day dawning and I can hear the Angels calling!


  • jorge

    hey pato hola! i was watching these: and i found this quote site

    and yor quote comples as to start moving, just like thequote about “morrow” nd be brave and follow our path (by our i mean our gods and our) our tA and us, our patyh, go there , do fathers will and no excuses

  • Much love to you my brother! Go Pato!

  • Diane Labrecque

    Timeless picture from a timeless servant of God!

    Thanks Pato for helping to create Urantia Family Ties around the world. You are using your talent of the performing art with so much love and devotion to help raise consciousness and uplift many hungry souls.

    May God continue to pour blessings upon you Pato!