Michael McQueen – Long Beach, CA

Inspirational Quote:

1.4.6  To every spirit being and to every mortal creature in every sphere and on every world of the universe of universes, the Universal Father reveals all of his gracious and divine self that can be discerned or comprehended by such spirit beings and by such mortal creatures. God is no respecter of persons, either spiritual or material. The divine presence which any child of the universe enjoys at any given moment is limited only by the capacity of such a creature to receive and to discern the spirit actualities of the supermaterial world.

Personal Message:

I am learning to expand the capacity within me by practicing the presence of God within. The more I practice giving attention to the one who wants my attention, the stronger my soul grows in the strength of grace that is ever wanting to flow to love others. God’s love.

  • Eric Lehman

    Thank you Michael wonderful message very positive and meaningful. thanks. So much love to be made use of.