Joshua Abernathy – Coeurd’ Alene, ID

Inpirational Quote:

(1562.6) 139:8.12 Thomas is the great example of a human being who has doubts, faces them, and wins. He had a great mind; he was no carping critic. He was a logical thinker; he was the acid test of Jesus and his fellow apostles. If Jesus and his work had not been genuine, it could not have held a man like Thomas from the start to the finish. He had a keen and sure sense of fact. At the first appearance of fraud or deception Thomas would have forsaken them all. Scientists may not fully understand all about Jesus and his work on earth, but there lived and worked with the Master and his human associates a man whose mind was that of a true scientist — Thomas Didymus — and he believed in Jesus of Nazareth.

Personal Message:

The most important thing that we know is that we don’t know, this is how we grow.