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As Humanity, we are all part of one global family on earth, called Urantia as revealed to us in The Urantia Book. As we recognize God as our Universal Father of Love and all human beings as our spiritual brothers and sisters, we will gradually become one global United Urantia Family. Urantia Family Ties mission is to live and spread the religion OF Jesus, which is the religion of Love as He so eloquently taught it and majestically lived it during His life on earth.

If you would like to support Urantia Family Ties mission with a donation, we would be very grateful. Urantia Family Ties is part of The United Urantia Family witch is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit religious organization. All donations that contribute to this mission are tax deductible and are vital to our growth. Urantia Family Ties has utmost respect for your privacy. When you make a contribution, whether online or by mail, we will never sell, trade or share your information. All contributions to Urantia Family Ties are safe and secure.

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