Diane Labrecque – Montreal Canada

Inspirational quote:

142.7.4 Jesus said: “The people of another age will better understand the gospel of the kingdom when it is presented in terms expressive of the family relationship — when man understands religion as the teaching of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, sonship with God.” Then the Master discoursed at some length on the earthly family as an illustration of the heavenly family, restating the two fundamental laws of living: the first commandment of love for the father, the head of the family, and the second commandment of mutual love among the children, to love your brother as yourself. And then Jesus explained that such a quality of brotherly affection would invariably manifest itself in unselfish and loving social service.

Personal Message:

Welcome to our Urantia Family Ties website!

What a promising growth The United Urantia Family holds in its future.

As someone said from the very inception of this Jesusonian project, “It has legs!” Indeed it has, and these legs are destined to walk to all the confines of the world and create in their footsteps an ever-growing bond of family ties that will unite all the God-loving souls regardless of color, creed, culture, gender, age, status, religion, yet encompassing all of the aforementioned into one global United Urantia Family serving humanity for the good of all and for the Glory of God.