David “Questor” Graves, Ottawa Canada

Inspirational Quote:

2:2.5 page 36 “God is neither self-centered nor self-contained; he never ceases to bestow himself upon all self-conscious creatures of the vast universe of universes”.

Personal Message:

Do you find the revelation in this quote as astounding, exciting, and full of portent as I do?  God, the sine qua non of personality, unceasingly bestows himself (his ‘self-ness’ one might even say his ‘god-stuff’) upon all ‘self-conscious creatures’.  It seems to me that this bestowal of ‘self-ness’ is nothing other than His gift of ‘personality’!  That first gift from our Father which has within it the potential to choose to do his will and, in so doing, to give birth to the soul.  This moral choice, this soul-birth, occasions the bestowal of His second gift, our spirit guide, and launches us upon our Ascension Journey.  Suddenly, I realize that I am made in the image of God and that image is an instance of His “personality”.  It is nothing less than the divinity within that finaliters are destined to one day attain.
I invite you to join me in exploring just what this first bestowal may in fact portend at … http://questor-ascensionjourney.blogspot.com/

  • Eric Lehman

    David It is wonderful to read you personal message what a lucky bunch of folks up where you are in Canada to have you in there lives. You seem like such an excited and thrilled adventurer. Thanks again for sharing’

  • Diane Labrecque

    David is in fact a very colorful person. There is definitely only one like him on Urantia. Thanks David for all your help with The United Urantia Family beginning; I truly appreciated it.