Brianna Oliver – San Diego, CA

Inspirational Quote:

P1089:10, 99:4.2 Social leadership is transformed by spiritual insight; religion prevents all collective movements from losing sight of their true objectives. Together with children, religion is the great unifier of family life, provided it is a living and growing faith. Family life cannot be had without children; it can be lived without religion, but such a handicap enormously multiplies the difficulties of this intimate human association. During the early decades of the twentieth century, family life, next to personal religious experience, suffers most from the decadence consequent upon the transition from old religious loyalties to the emerging new meanings and values.

Personal Message:

Though the Urantia Book is new to me it has already made a profound impact on my life. When I read the words of the UB I feel very connected to God. You already know this but the Urantia Book just tells the truth! This is what I was looking for and I am so very thankful I have found it. The teachings have helped to amplify my already positive outlook concerning life, and given me a even greater assurance of the divine love of our Father in Heaven and a lot of strength to do his will.

  • Ed Harrigan

    Your positive personal message exemplifies the truth that when you search for God you become like Him. Oh, and you find everything too. You already have much to offer the world and the UB will help with that.

  • Michael Hurd

    So much truth in these words! :)

  • Eric Lehman

    It says a lot about you that you have such a tremendous hunger for truth. What a wonderful person you must be and lucky folks in your lives to have you in it. I look to your youth and your connection to God as an important .. very important responsibility for you… to share and love with the beautiful love from our glorious creator… The world truly needs young brave and courageous young people like yourself Brianna, to confront the doubts and upsets of this world with a new and fresh message of love and graciousness.

  • Diane Labrecque

    Very well said! Our young UB readers are so promising!