Andrea Barnes – Temecula, CA

Inspirational Quote:

“faith is the inspiration of the spiritized creative imagination.”

Personal Message:

I’ve been blessed to be a long-time Urantia Book reader.  It continues to inspire me, uplift me, and make my life sweet!

  • Thomas

    This gal is a dynamo of spiritual energy! She eats spiritual vitamins for breakfast and washes em down with mota tea.

  • Eric Lehman

    I love the spiritized creative imagination…. We get the blessing of using that creative imagination to give give give the love to others to all.. you can’t give enough love and you can’t get enough love… I love this book

  • Paula Thompson

    And YOU are sweet! I love the quote. It’s so thought provoking.

  • Diane Labrecque

    You are so right Eric! We can never get or give enough Love. You remember the song “What the world needs now, is Love sweet Love…”