Our mission is to spread the Love of God as our universal Father and the Love of our brothers and sisters as our one global Urantia Family. Therefore, we invite you to help spread the Master’s beautiful religion of Love around our planet by bringing together the family ties of Love that unite us all together.

Simply visit our submission page and add your own personal family tie by subscribing with a picture of yourself, indicating the city and country of the world you are from, accompanied by your favorite quote from the Urantia Book that especially touches you, and describing to us the reason why it is your favorite quote.

By doing so, we will be able to send out a daily e-mail to enable you to discover, day by day, one of our brothers or sisters around the world which will serve to unite us within our growing worldwide Urantia Family.

We thank you for taking part in spreading Jesus religion of Love to all the confines of the world for the good of all humanity and for the glory of God!

Thank you from

The United Urantia Family!