Danielle Reyes – Los Angeles, CA

Inspirational Quote:

“The evolving soul is not made divine by what it does, but by what it strives to do.” p.557 48.7.22

Personal Message:

I have always had a desire to know truth and live that truth in my daily life. I was raised as an evangelical Christian and was always surrounded with the teachings of Jesus. The Urantia Book brought those teachings to life. It gave an emotional perspective to my creator I hadn’t had before. In fact it continues to surprise me in my spiritual journey everyday. We have an amazing opportunity as human beings to have the free will of knowledge and the Urantia Book is at our fingertips just waiting to be the source of that knowledge.

  • Danielle, My study group just read those inspiring and sustaining, comforting, yet challenging words last night. We are admonished to “strive” for progress, peace, and fruitful actions of service–all of which are causally linked. A similar quotation goes: “What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day in in eternity.” (1217:0/111:1.5) and another–the familiar–“The quickest way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live loyally each moment as a tadpole.” (1094:7/100:1.5) Thank you for this admonitory quotation which ever urges us onward and beckons us forward.

  • Ken

    We still need salvation through a Savior; not simply enlightenment and “better” living. If I can improve myself enough by my own efforts (and I’m not saying that I can neglect that), then Jesus died in vain.

  • Eric Lehman

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Nicely said.

  • Michael Hurd

    Let’s continue in our striving, realizing the incredible potential that awaits. :)

  • Paula Thompson

    Nice to meet you Danielle! I love that quote, it’s so liberating!

  • Diane Labrecque

    I love what you are saying Danielle – that The Urantia Book brought the Teachings of Jesus to life. Beautiful!

  • EdmundK1

    I’m touched! So cool to see that kind of “conversion” lol.
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